• High CPU uses and its resolution

    In your pc malware is present then you need to use an anti-malware for removing the virus. Due to malware, your pc is working very slowly. And the second reason is if you are more using of your CPU like Intel then it will be work slowly. If your computer CPU consuming more space then computer performance is not good. For use of high CPU, you should be Window Defender because of only window defender can resolve the problem about that CPU. If you installed any it security then you need to disable. For the Window defender Antimalware service executable is very important and if you want support related malware and for the help purpose our service is available. About its, some kind of resolution is as follows-

    1)-Change scheduling-when you are more usage of the memory then window defender scanning completely then that time we can change the schedule. You need to open the start menu and click on task schedule. After that, you have to navigate the windows defender. Then you have to click on condition tab and you need to press OK button.

    2) - Add exclusion List- When you want ads then window defender accesses all types of file and data. If you want to protect for this procedure then you need to add Antimalware service executable. Firstly you have to open task manager and then you need to open file location. After that, you have to go address bar and you have to copy the complete path. After that, you have to go virus threat protection and its settings. Then you can show exclusion and then you can add and remove.

    3)-Turn of window defender- If still, the problem does not resolve after following these steps then you need to disable window defender and you need to go run dialog box and go to the registry editor. After that, you have to navigation folder and go to windows defender. Then you can disable if your registry completed.

    4) - Malware infections- If in your computer malware is present and you want to check and remove it then you need to anti-malware. There are several types of free antimalware which you can check the computer. If the computer is not working properly and working slow then with the help of anti-malware your computer working smoothly. So you have to check that malware virus and you need clear timely.

    If still, the problem is resolving then you can take help of Antimalware service executable tech support at any time. We provide batter resolution regarding the concern.

  • Why people prefer mac book instead of a windows laptop

    Mac book is a brand of the notebook which is manufactured by Apple. As we know Apple is the world largest company of technology and it has many products like iPhone, apple watch, iPad, iPod. Apple Tv, and mac book .it is the top selling brand in laptops. It is really expensive in comparison to windows laptop but today all organization prefer MacBook just because of its high performance. The software of mac is served high speed and it has its own software like final cut pro, mail, safari. These all are the mac software. Laptop have low battery life with heavy weighted but mac book is lite and easy to use Or for any further query you may contact apple

    1. The design of the MacBook is very different from windows laptops with brilliant displays with 12 inches led retrica displays,


    2. The battery backup is also very good in mac book.


    3. It has a responsive keyboard with separate led for keys.

    4. Macbook software is not working on windows pc it has its own software.

    5. It is very costly because it gives best fast and best services.

    6. Apple gives a discount for educational work for more info you can contact apple customer care


    7. One of the most important things about Apple is it gives a discount to the educational sector for the educational sector it is not so expensive. Because of this student attract and buy mac book or product of apple.


    8. Windows cannot be installed in a window, Microsoft has created software for mac, there is no need to load drives for mac book or printers.


    9. it has 12 hours battery life.

    10.it is very thinner in the comparison of windows laptops.


    11. Its are more elegant than laptops.

    12. If you getting the problem in your MacBook or if your MacBook is broked then fixed the appointment or you can go apple store or apple support and tell your issue to them with the help of apple store you can easily solve your problem mac have better customer support then windows you also can check on apple support number

    Mac book has many models like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 15 inch, MacBook Pro 13 inch,iMac 21.5-inch mac pro iMac mini these all are the various types of mac book nowadays for high-quality work no one chooses windows laptop all to prefer Apple products its give highspeed with good speed software.

  • Fix camcorder or camera problem

    While sending the pictures or videos to computer or any system we face many issues like error failed to send lack of storage problem and many more so for that issues geek squad tech support Australia give you some suggestion follow these points and fix that issue with yourself or you may also call geek squad Canada for any issue related to an electronic system

    Having problem to connect the camcorder to your computer. this is very normal issues due to some other software if you are using cannon camcorder or camera then it creates problem usually.


    1.Connect memory card directly


    If you connect the camera to your computer through a cable to move the pictures then I suggest you easy method just remove the memory card from the camcorder or camera then plug it on your laptop or computer if you don't have then buy a simple USB sd card reader to buy contact geek squad support.


    2.Not recognized

    If you connect the camera or camcorder into your computer and window will launch the autoplay dialog box prompting to import pictures & videos and window cant recognize connected device , check the cable is securely connected and they both are switched on . then plug them into the mains some connection problem can be due to running from the battery then make sure hardware is working properly and to run the window 7 to see the problem is fix or not

    Click on the start button type troubleshooting in the search box, click the troubleshooting

    Click configure devices in the hardware and sound section

    After all this, you have to follow the instruction to solve the problem, check the correct drive so the window recognize or for further query contact best buy geek squad tech support


    3.When window auto play not appear


    If the window autoplay dialog box not appear when you connect the camera or camcorder to your computer it may be turned off you can import the videos or picture through windows

    Click the start button and click on the computer

    In the pane of navigation on the left side of the window right click your connected device, if you connected the digital camera then right click on that an then click import files.

    You can choose the tag pictures to and click import files a new window will open.